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Life is an exam, in which every one of us is appearing. In this exam of life, the syllabus is undefined, questions are unknown and answers are abstract. With an unknown syllabus, to an unasked question, with an unsolvable answer we are writing that exam and exit without result. No one succeeds, No one fails. But everyone competes.

we complete a circle,” Circle of life” in our life. Circle has no beginning and end to it. In other words, we can say circle ends at the start point. Similarly, life ends at the beginning point.

This circle of life is drawn over a medium known as time. Like the circle, time also has no beginning and no end, it’s eternal. But when we measure something with time, we make it finite. Conversion of infinite to finite! Absolute to Relative!! The root of competition!!

Then, whoever, runs in the circle, wants to make it big? We measure the circumference and the area of the circle and cry loudly that “mine is big”. But we forgot that the ultimate destination is the same for everyone.

Thus, the creation of absolute to relative, failure to draw the bigger picture of life, uncertainty over future leads to miseries of life like competition, fight over others. We can’t escape it. So, let us compete.

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